traded with Stryxis in orbit, noticed Eldar signature on the auger array, when the Stryxis shooed them off his ship-convoy

turbulence as the explorers penetrate ionosphere —> crash landing
2 days foot travel to Eldar ruined city, with a star map temple in the very center
met up with Lady Sun Lee and traveled with her, Halix picking up what she was putting down
encountered a mammoth crimson dragonfly which Zarathustra wrestled to death… with a bomb
met Admiral Batille VII as they crossed paths, silenced his scouts after they passed

reaching the border of the temple, the explorers are set upon by hidden shooters, then by Captain Djanko Scourge and his retinue
Halix defeated Scourge in a duel, when Scourge’s crew caused havok, enough confusion to run away
fighting off the remains of Scourge’s lackeys, and Hobbes assassinating Sun Lee in the midst of battle, the traders set explosives and climbed to the top…

where they found Eldar trying to disjunction the temple and it’s star map from this dimension
demolishing the Eldar in short order, Amun-Setoth astro divined the star map, but required more clues to fully auger the location of the Dread Pearl… Zayth, Dross, Vaporius, a gas giant, and the Processional of the Damned…

forging a video in order to show proof of union between Halix and Lee, as well as placing Lee’s death on Scourge’s hands, Sun Lee’s cousin in command-in-absence informed Halix that the first priority is to fully search for her remains and any clues
after any clues surfaced, the guilty party would be brought to due justice


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