As long as mankind has been in the Koronus Expanse, the greenskin menace has plagued the efforts of man. In 108.M41 (about 700 years ago), men in the Calixis Sector commissioned a search for where the Orks were coming from. The Navy battleship Rhadamanthine found the world Tusk more than a century later, sending a message with it’s last breath.

“…Ork ships everywhere. Throne, there’s so many. Hundreds, maybe thousands of vessels of all shapes and sizes, just floating around. Emperor’s Teeth, look at the size of that one! It must mass more than a hundred million tonnes… oh no. It’s headed towards us! Evasize manoeuvers! Full power to the voids! We’ve got to get out of…”
-Last log entry of the Rhadamanthine

Sadly, the Battlefleet Calixis could never mount enough ships through the Maw, as it is too unstable for so many ships to pass through, not that the Battlefleet could ever spare anywhere near enough ships to pull off such an offensive.

In 422.M41, the Siege of Port Wander began… a war which lasted 2 years until Battlefleet Calixis and the Adeptus Mechanicus arrived to take back the star-station, resulting in a steep decline in Ork incidents for numerous centuries.

Until about a century ago when the Ork forces had regenerated to it’s previous strength, luring war-hungry Rogue Traders to the Expanse in the hopes of earning handsome rewards.

The Explorers have encountered Orks a few times, most notably on Dross when they warred against a small army of Bad Moons, as well as a Freebooter in the employ of Baron Djanko Scourge that goes by the name of Tuff Tusk.


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