Lord Admiral Bastille VII

Captain of the Colossus and witness to the foretelling of the Dread Pearl


Lord-Admiral Bastille and Lord Halix met briefly at the Liege’s court on Footfall, the two Traders made a barely veiled attempt at small talk as they determined the other’s character. Bastille wasn’t impressed, as a man of his station and history are wont to do often. Based on the rumors of Bastille’s rise, he might not completely find Halix’s Naval background to be all too appealing. And Bastille did seem to show some level of recognition at Captain Halix’s mention.

Bastille is said to have been the architect of his family’s demise at the hands of a sudden and “freak” torpedo malfunction during a gathering of the family’s seniors and heads of his lineage. The rumors persisted and viciously heightened over a period of seven years. But no one had proof or directly called out Bastille on what they believed he had done to his own bloodline. But for whatever reason, Bastille VII chose that time to squash the belligerent slander these peers and rivals were spreading. The superior officers at Cypra Mundi never did get a full report on what happened, as details were sketchy commonly unsubstantiated, but it is said that Lord-Admiral Bastille led his House in war against the perpetrators and had been made to find his place elsewhere in the God-Emperor’s plan of things.

The Lord-Admiral commands his forces with the courage, honor, and iron grip of a text-slate military man, using his admittedly strong naval force to maintain his holdings and interests across the Expanse and Calixis Sector.


Again encountering Lord Captain Halix as they traveled to the nexus of psychic resonance, Bastille remained cautious of Captain Halix, not sure what to make of him, and proceeded to march his men forward along a less direct route, but wide enough to accommodate his troops.

Halix sent Hobbes and his Kroots along to take out some of his scouts, commanding them to not be caught in the execution of their orders.

Lord Admiral Bastille VII

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