Crew and passengers of The Scion of The Void

a basic rundown of names, ranks of faces that inhabit the ship


Zamora Crimson Beese: Choir Master Telepathica and Prognosticist

Whereas many Psykers consider their powers to be a necessary evil, the Seer Beese believes she is a divine representative of the Emperor, a direct conduit of his will. Because of her views, she proudly displays her empty eye sockets as a sign of her power and close connection the the God-Emperor.

Superstitious crew members have approached her to hear their fortunes during longer voyages, but most haven’t understood a single thing she predicted, and some were kept all night by the memory of her dire countenance during a reading: frothing, screaming and clawing as she read the Tarot.
Emul Turque: Master of the Vox and Astropath

In charge of the constant din of vox communications on the ship, Turque’s forte is crytography. Like the cycle of nature, creation and destruction, Turque has made as many codes as he has deciphered.

Over drinks and hushed in tones that won’t reach their superiors, communications officers under him grumble and bellyache about about melodramatic he can be. A brave few have spoken about their fear that he may not be all there in his head, afraid that he has no concern for his own well being. They are also worried that he might not care about anyone’s well being.
Yndynne Jonstonne: Master Helmsman and Tech-Devotee

Crew and passengers of The Scion of The Void

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