Zoghearted wyrdboy bloodballer with a twisted wreck of a career.


| Agility – 2 | Strength – 3 |
| Intelligence – 1 | Leadership – 4 |
| Toughness – 3 | Wounds – 3 |
| Weapons – 1 | Ballistics – 1 |

Blue Jawed 1
Bloodballer Wyrdboy 3
Zoghearted Warphead + 4
Penitent Celebrity 2

Bashin’ 4
Bad Moon Barterin’ 0
Bloodbowl Playin’ 1
Bossin’ 2
Zogwyrdin’ 3

Orc Fungal Body (Creates life from death)
Blue as Mork (Psychic absorbency and reflection)
Gork’ll Get ‘Em (Summons giant appendages)
Go-Fastah (Increases temporal friction, slowing an individual’s passage through time)
Warpbelch (Manifests massive blast of purely destructive warp energy)

Origin Path Descriptors
Born: Undecipherable (Leadership)
Birthright: Mobbin’ is a clever tactic, roight? (Leadership)
Lure of the Void: For the love of the crowd, all for the love of the crowd. (+ Zoghearted)
Trials and Travails: Broke every bone in my body… twice. (Toughness)
Motivation: The universe is a cold, lonely place. (Wounds)


The following is the original text made in the character creation session. Soon will come the revitalized text that completes the Blu’jaw mythology.

Born: Waaghcheif Blu’eyz brought the waagh to Albioss S-18, a high gravity innerworld of squat crafters (for flashy gitz, wot?), where the death of his right-hand wyrdwaagher, Blu’luk Zogblap, birthed our hero.

Birthright: Gaining many flashy gitz in the waagh ‘gainst the Albioss squats, fledgling Blu’jaw joins his tribe in a strike to gain a squat ship to blast out of the high gravity atmo - the orcs are slingshoted wildly [to] the Calyxis Sector (fo’ great waagh, yeh?).

Lure of the Void: On the first outpost of civilization in the Calyxis Sector, Waaghcheif Blu’eyz finds too many civies for a right killwaagh, so’s he makes it a ballwaagh and right tromps the weak humie teams. After playing all the strongest nations, Blu’jaw manifests many wyrd headbanging powers, making them a popular team on the Calyxis ethernet. From there, the ballwaagh is sped with humie ships throughout the sector.

Trials and Travails: In the Inter-Xeno Bloodbowl Championships [held on Terra], Waaghcap Blu’eyz tries to follow the rules, and it’s up to Blu’jaw to take the Waaghcap title from him. He calls the plays, but by now has become an ‘Eadbanger [error; this is supposed to be a warphead] and thus makes terrible plays, ruining his career and losing the cup to some of the same squats he killwaaghed on Albioss S-18. He broke necks with the squat captain and was saved by [a medic named] Helmutt. The death of the squat, Freidagin Drews, only added to Blu’jaws shame and pain.

Motivation: Blu’jaw seeks to rebuild his sense of self.


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